I believe in the power of a photograph. They can bring people into a moment they otherwise would not have experienced. They can move people into action against injustices all over the world. They can highlight real people and can turn statistics into faces. They can stir up things that cause us to ask questions worth asking. They can help facilitate learning and connect us to things we normally overlook in our daily lives. They can stop time and allow space for us to reflect and be changed. Pictures can change the world we live in....... if you allow them to change you.

I take pictures. 

I work in Portland OR, India, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Somalia, Iraq and Haiti.......and I have the most beautiful wife in the world who is my favorite travel partner. A perfect day is traveling to distance cities with her..

Some of my photography can be found at www.refugeecarecollective.org , www.hearthecry.org , www.lovedoes.org